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Nu Standard Band - Weddings, Corporate Functions, Private Events & more! 

It is finally coming together! Nu Standard is fully operable and ready to accept all of the bookings we can. Are you looking for a premier wedding band with a powerful rhythm section, masterful sounding horn section and soothing vocals? Are you in need of a small acoustic duet sound with piano and vocals, piano and sax, or are you a vocalist and looking to have a backing band perform with you? Don't worry about it! We have what you need!!! Please don't look any further as Nu Standard is bringing you all of your favorite Motown, r&b, soul, funk, country, pop, Top 40, jazz and more in a "Nu" way! You will enjoy the music from the band, sing along with the vocalists and dance for the entire event! For more information on booking, please email and a questionnaire followed by a quote sheet will be sent your way. Oh yeah... I almost forgot... Did I mention that we are the most affordable option including a sound team? You can't beat this opportunity. Contact us now!

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